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Grooming Lounge

Barber SHOP

professional, clean, safe and smoke-free.

The barbershop is a family-friendly, OSHA compliant environment designed to uphold and preserve the culture of the traditional barbershop with a modern twist.

Studio 32 Grooming Lounge is an executive barber studio designed to provide the ultimate barbershop experience. We offer a variety of barber and grooming services to a diversified clientele.


WED-SUN: 8 AM – 7 PM                    115 W 6th St, Ste 109
SUNDAY: 8 AM – 7 PM                      Tempe, AZ 85281


What we Offer

Pro Haircut – $45 (45 Minutes)

Basic haircuts with precise lines and gradient fades.

Pro Beard Trim – $30 (20 Minutes)

Precise beard sculpting that may require a hot towel for stubborn facial hair and sensitive skin.

Designs – $10 (10 minutes)

Custom haircut designs. Price varies according to time and detail.

Pro Haircut & Beard Combo – $50 (45 minutes)

Specialty haircuts and detailed beard sculpting.

Pro Edge Up – $25 (25 Minutes)

No taper or fade, simply clean-up the edges of your hairline and facial hair.

Pro Edge Up & Taper – $35 (35 Minutes)

With taper or fade, simply clean-up the edges of your hairline and facial hair.

Classic Straight Razor Shave – $35 (35 Minutes)

Eyebrows – $15 (10 Minutes)

Natural or defined shaping of the eyebrows using both the clippers and straight razor.

After Hour Services – $25 (45 Minutes)

Facial & Massage – $55 (45 Minutes)

Choose between a hot towel infused with essential oils, or aloe vera, and a charcoal face mask, or the facial steamer followed by a facial cleanser using the facial cleanser machine.

Pro Kid’s Haircuts – $30 (35 minutes)

Specialty haircuts for small children and kids under the age of 13.

Pro Kid’s Edge Up – $20 (15 minutes)

Specialty haircuts for small children and kids under the age of 13.

Platinum Service – $90 (90 minutes)

Extremely detailed service with as many add-ins that can fill the time.

Executive Service – $65 (60 Minutes)

Detailed service with a few extra add-ins.

Hair Color – $80 (90 Minutes)

Pro Shampoo and Conditioning – $15 (15 Minutes)

Executive Beard Treatment – $45 (45 Minutes)

The Executive Beard Treatment comes with a straight razor shave which may require the hot towel and other essential products to effectively treat your beard and skin in the facial hair region.

Wave Enhancement – $10 (10 Minutes)

Various barber styling techniques that begins or enhances the natural wave pattern.

Temporary Enhancements – $10 (10 Minutes)

Ear Piercing – $15 (30 Minutes)

Service excludes the cost of earrings.

Where exactly are you located?

The Studio 32 Grooming Lounge is located in the Signature Salon Studios adjacent to the W6 leasing offices in downtown Tempe.

What is the access code for entry into the Signature Salon Studios?

The access code is 6658.


Established in Tempe, AZ in 2021




Groom's Shave

"Best barbershop hands down! I’ve known Darius since June and he’s never disappointed me, BEST barber I’ve met and the ONLY barber that can cut my hair."

Alejandro B.

"Got my haircut by Brother Darius and probably my favorite haircut ever. He’s also fun to talk to which made the haircut experience as a whole great. Highly recommend."

Karan M.

"Darius took his time, stayed after hours, and was incredibly genuine and legit in conversation with me. I can definitely say that I will be returning for a very long time."

Cole S.